Social Media Marketing

With our 10+ years of acknowledged experience and a robust Social Media team, we are your best partner to increase your business revenue.

We have achieved maestro about how to utilise Social Media to give your business the ultimate boost. With our social media experts, you will grow your brand by defining, targeting, and achieving all the business objectives.

“42% of the population regularly stay active on social media.? “

Today, the rise of social media has increased significantly. Highest online activities are observed only on social media platforms. By Interacting with target customers and the potential audience, it will be convenient for you to earn the credibility of your business.

Apart from SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and ORM, the Social Media Marketing strategy should place in the forefront of your Digital Marketing tactics.

Why Choose Digitex Technologies To Cut Through The Noise On Social Media

Our stats talk on behalf of us. Presently we have more than hundreds of happy customers all around the world.

And above all, we deliver suitable Social Media Marketing strategy specifically tailored for your requirements.

No matter what, it’s a promise from us that our social media strategy will always work for you.

Why we are so confident? It’s because we deliver precious hours on R & D, analysing your business circumstance, and checking with the competitors. After considering all aspects, we finalise 100% successful Social Media Marketing strategy for you.

Today, Social Media Marketing is a viable strategy for every business.

And our extremely affordable Social Media package will uprise your business on the peak.

  • You will experience high inbound traffic that can go unlimited as well.
  • With effective Social Media Strategy, your search rankings will improve drastically on SERP.
  • 100% customer conversion rate
  • Brand authority, brand loyalty, and brand awareness will enhance
  • Lead generation and driving sales
  • Able to generate considerable ROI

With effective Social Media Marketing, you will gain inside knowledge of the marketplace. It will lead to hone your vision and marketing plan accordingly.

Social Media Channels Where We Show Our Efficacy

Instagram – 64% of popularity between 18 to 29 years individuals use Instagram. The social media platform has an almost equal share of male and female percentage. 80% of Instagram users visit business profiles every day actively.

Facebook – It has 2.38 billion monthly active users, giving you access to a global network. In the UK, Facebook usership is populated by 44% of 18-34 year old individuals.

Twitter – The significant character change from 140 to 280 makes the platform a millennial channel for Social Media Marketing of your business.

YouTube – Currently, it is the world’s second-largest social media channel and search engine as well. YouTube has already taken over TV. The platform allows individuals and businesses to portray their services, products, and skills to the masses.

Pinterest – It hosts more than 250 million monthly active users, looking for ideas and inspiration, and often making a purchase. 87% of Pinners have already purchased a product because they spotted it on Pinterest.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn cuts the monotony; it is becoming a fast-growing and a prime choice of advertising for many businesses. It becomes quite convenient to connect with the audience via the platform.

Snapchat – It has almost 80% popularity of all 18 to 24-year old individuals in the UK. Having 190 million daily users, Snapchat can become a crucial social media platform for your business success.

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