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There are over 200 million apps, and getting your app discovered needs a breakthrough optimization which remote working app store optimization expert can implement.

Often undervalued by most of the marketers, app store optimization can have revolutionary effects on your business.

What exactly is App Store Optimisation (ASO)?

ASO is a proven way to help mobile apps rank higher in the app store’s search result. Digitex Technologies utilize updated techniques to enhance the presence of your mobile app. The higher the ranking, the greater the customer growth. Perhaps, increased visibility drives healthy traffic to your app. The ultimate intention here is to improve the traffic to bring engagement.

Additionally, full time app store optimisation service includes bridging the gap between the app and the target audience through crucial planning.

Our Core Motive

Full time app store optimization service offers 24×7 technical support to your app. At Digitex Technologies, we ensure high-quality engagement to boost your business. Our professionals make sure that your business stays ahead and gets maximum exposure in the shortest time. The goal of a remote working app store optimization expert is to turn visitors into customers. As a result, we ensure your app is subjected to specific goals like

  • Increased brand exposure
  • Positive review and ratings
  • Diverse marketing channel
  • Quality audience engagement

Digitex Technologies is one of the most trusted and reliable IT agencies based in the UK. Having established an innovative platform for businesses, our team continues to offer exceptional service at the best price. Our staff includes a prolific group of young and motivated experts who guarantee you with business growth in the shortest span. The field of the online platform is pretty competitive, and we ensure you do not lag. We have been in this industry for a long time, and therefore, we offer a plethora of opportunities to explore it further. Besides, we maintain a transparent system when serving our customers.

The Mechanics for Improving ASO

ASO ensure that that your app meets the demand of the app store ranking and further grabs superior in the result page. To help boost the app, there are a few technical aspects that need to be well designed. So let us dive deeper inside.


The title of your app tells what exactly does the app offers. Consequently, apps need to have a clear title so that customers have a fair idea about the service. When you hire full time app store optimization service from Digitex Technologies, we assist you in designing it.


You should always know which words to use and where to use them. Swift planning of relevant keywords directly brings the audience and the business. It also helps to monitor your competition and therefore chalk out a plan.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are the gateways to customer flow. In fact, if the app has an excellent rating and subtle review, your app will have the edge over others, grabbing a better position. The remote working app search optimization expert will guarantee with remarkable growth.

Advantages of Remote Working App Store Optimization Expert

Digtex Technologies have been assisting companies in influencing their customers through the bespoke marketing method. Our team includes exceptional app store Optimisation experts working from different parts of the UK. In fact, our team is known for its unique kind of approach. When you hire full time app store optimization service, we help your business through the following ways

  1. We continuously monitor updates and tweak according to the trend
  2. We ensure stringent research and analysis of our planning
  3. We continually keep a track on ranking
  4. We never hesitate to experiment with newer strategies
  5. We design compelling outlook to the app
  6. We focus on periodic update

Customers look for mobile apps that are unique and user-friendly. The remote working mobile app optimization expert encourages customers with a user-friendly touch. In fact, we use our intellectual skills to keep your customers regulated. Perhaps, reviews and ratings are one such section that we always focus on. Customers conduct business, and interacting with their feedback is a proven way to enhance the platform’s ranking. Therefore, this is how we garner an edge over your competitor. You should remember that there will continuously be a terrific competition where you will find, optimist, pessimist, and realist, but all you need is to be an opportunist.

Our Featured Story

Frosty Candy is a pet store based in Halifax. The store owner Mr. Dave and his wife, Mrs. Maddy, is an old couple running it. Her daughter Soddy insisted on getting a mobile app for their store. The family reached our company to develop an app.
Along with that, our managers also recommended hiring a remote working app store optimization expert to supplement their business engagement. As a result, our team strategically designed the platform. In a matter of two months, their business sprung up exponentially.

Systematic Customer Approach

Digitex Technologies is a leading digital agency based in London. We have defined vital app ranking factors. Here, we mark a few points behind success in each OS

iOS App Store Ranking Factors

  • App Name
  • App URL
  • App Subtitle
  • Keywords
  • In-App Purchase
  • Updates
  • Downloads
  • Ratings and Reviews

Goggle Play Store Ranking Factors

  • App Title
  • Short and Long Description
  • In-App Purchase
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Downloads and Engagement
  • Updates

App management follows many tricks, primarily if customers are focusing on the localization. Our full time mobile app optimization service works on a few basic principles. This includes

  • Analyze

A great way to analyze is to check the guideline and test them, as emphasized by the app store.

  • Optimize

Here, the critical area of focus is to ensure all the relevant fields are updated. In fact, we use an AI-powered system to optimize the app.

  • Publish

We publish and further keep a close eye and regularly update to enhance its ranking.

  • Monetize

Once there is growth, your app can now generate revenue through various advertisement campaigns.

App store optimization is a prominent way to bring customer engagement to your app. Likewise, having a successful strategy with a keen eye and knowledge of analytics can help you pay off your investment.

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