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As the central hub for your business relationships, CRM systems are an important tool for any company. Initially designed to track interactions and store information of customers and prospects, the modern iterations of these platforms are multi-faceted, offering data-driven insights, aligning relevant departments, and generating automated reports.

Step 1: Consultation

During an initial call, Digitex gets to grips with your business, customers and CRM requirements. Combining this with our own expertise, we will present a roadmap detailing timelines and cost for each element of the project.

Step 2: Initial design

We create initial designs for how your CRM will work. These are then presented to you for feedback.

Step 3: Development & demo

Once your suggestions have been actioned, we will begin development. When a working version is completed, we demo the CRM platform and allow stakeholders to navigate it themselves. Any final feedback is gathered and actioned.

Step 4: Launch and training

When the product is finished, Digitex provides in-depth training to your sales and marketing teams. All sessions are recorded for future reference.

Step 5: Continued support

Even after your CRM is launched, our work isn’t done. We provide continued support, both through our customer service team and software updates.

Why choose Digitex for your CRM development?


If you need a custom-built CRM, we create it completely bespoke for you, taking into account everything you need.

Templated options

For those happy with less customisation, we offer templated CRM systems on a monthly license.


Compared with our competitors, Digitex offers affordable rates while never sacrificing quality.

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