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At Digitex Technologies, we not only focus on the Branding Services for Businesses but also we make sure the audience sit up and do notice. Your brand is a visual emblem of your business and is completely unique

Why Branding?

Your brand is central and everything to your business. So, the importance is enormous to make it perfect. No business is very small for a well-known brand; and here at Digitex, we make sure that you get noticed.

Business success depends on developing a highly attractive and clear brand.

Inthe beginning, we talk with you to understand you and know all the aspirations for your brand. Then we take the marketing paintbrushes from our enriched inventory to draw the perfect strategy about creating your brand!

We make it our top priority mission to create an exciting and clear brand. So, if your business is a startup looking to develop a completely new brand, or you want to upgrade your existing brand, then we are always here to help you out!

What We Offer

  • Branding Packages
  • Re-Branding Packages
  • Logo Design
  • Making Updates To Existing Logo
  • Branding Documentation

Why Digitex Technologies

We Listen To You

We definitely aren’t those agencies that always dictate you what you must do. We listen to you carefully, understand your preferences, know your requirements, ideas, and colour preferences. Then we start working on that.

Brand Identity

It’s not just the charismatic logo that will get your job done. We prepare a brand document for you, give your business the precise colours, details & fonts to be consistent and coherent all across your business and marketing channels.

Complete Branding

We create a bespoke business solution tailored to your business needs. If you just need a brand new logo or a complete renovation of your signage and stationery, we offer it all. give us a free hand, we do that too!

Benefits Of Hiring Full Time Branding Services

Almost all businesses go for branding. High-end brands like Google, Apple and Microsoft use stringent techniques to be ahead than their competitors. Likewise, launching a new brand is equally overwhelming. But there are heaps of challenges that you need to face. Digitex Technologies ensure that your brand is consistent, thereby improving visibility and recognition. Having worked with various multi-national companies, the remote working branding expert implement an efficient and subtle strategy. We follow a proven standard procedure that includes

  • Awareness
  • Reputation
  • Credibility
  • Customers Satisfaction

Hiring a branding agency will offer a fresh pair of eyes as they provide innovative opportunities for your business. In fact, you can be confident with the knowledge we emphasize as our team simultaneously coordinate to garner results. When you hire full time Branding Services for Businesses, the agency is very much aware of your current position. Our team at Digitex Technologies will implement a process to induce your company’s vision, culture and objective. On the other side, customers also need to understand that even if your branding campaigns follow trending marketing pattern, still the aura of branding is essential. Further branding mends the path to marketing.

Key Technological Aspect for Swift Branding

A high tech brand is not just about its products, logo, tagline, or brand color. All these are associated with the brand. But, the name that it serves under matters. Digitex Technologies is one of the most prominent branding agency based in London. Therefore, the remote working branding expert offers a brilliant solution to achieve business growth. We also assure to ingrain the latest technology when managing the brand. Key features that we never hesitate includes

  • Paid Advertising in various profile
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing and SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Quality user experience

Most of the branding agencies confide with swift branding policy. But, in the end, they start to imitate precisely what big brands do. One should be aware of the strategies run by others, but following the same will have degrading effects. Remember, the goal here is to define a unique business. Branding is designed, keeping in mind about long term effects. Customers should also know that most of the branding, in fact, pick up less momentum but grow-ups as the value is added. Therefore, we help you embark on the journey with long term planning.

How We Practically Aware You?

When investing in your business, you should be aware of your business growth. Digitex Technologies ensure that you are well versed to measure your brand. However, this can’t be measured through traditional means. As a result, the remote working branding expert uses these metrics.

Social engagement
Engagement can be in various forums such as numbers of followers, likes, retweets, comments and more. It shows a reflection of how your business is performing and what types of customers value your service.

Direct Traffic
The direct traffic will show you the numbers of healthy visitors getting into your website. Perhaps, direct traffic shows the result of visitors visiting your page. If there are vast numbers of an uninterrupted site visit, your branding is moving the right way.

Running awareness surveys
Running surveys are a proven way to understand your customers. Moreover, full time Branding Services for Businesses also involves getting direct feedback from the customers. This not only helps us understand their needs but also idealise what they think. Further, these data help us implement plan and features for future times.

Final wrap

A reliable branding strategy can transform the functioning of your business. With the help of full time Branding Services, you will find out that customers develop a deeper level of trust and consequently are willing to engage with your business. Here, your brand needs to provide a consistent message along with visual identity. Also, we integrate your brand with enriching features. This makes customers seek your service at a higher order. Your brand starts from you, and Digitex Technologies ensures constant upkeep and attention for the progress through a streamlined marketing approach.

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