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Are you planning to get your business a global business presence? Have you worked on it? If not, why not get service from remote working global SEO expert and steer a staggering growth to your company.

SEO targets the audience of different geographies. It further helps your website divert traffic depending on the type of customers your business is seeking for. Global SEO opens an excellent opportunity to spread your business efficiently. Therefore, when planning to hire full time global SEO service, it is best to know your goals, the targeted audience, and how exactly to use the SEO package for business growth. On the other side, global SEO comes with a ton of benefits that includes greater website visibility, higher traffic and increased customer association. All these ultimately boost up the revenue of the business.

Digitex Technologies, Your Digital Leader

Digitex Technologies is a premium company operating from London. We help businesses around the world to implement and execute digital strategies in order to excel in their global presence. Our team includes remote working global SEO experts, and we conduct extensive audits and thorough analysis to develop an SEO policy that guarantees the highest performance and maximum ROI. Digitex Technologies ensure that our customers stay ahead in the game. As a result, we run the following approach to stay on top. In-depth research in order to target opportunities for improvement High-quality analysis on competitors to identify obstacles and further tackle it Extensive language-specific keyword to target customers Continuous refinement of policies to drive maximum ROI Every day is a challenge in the digital world. However, when you have a strong team beside, no challenge cannot be overcome. Digitex Technologies renders hire full-time global SEO services through a uniquely integrated approach and help improve the SEO visibility based on your budget, business verticals, and target country. Perhaps, targeting an international audience needs comprehensive technical knowledge which goes beyond the traditional practices. Thus, Digitex Technologies helps your business dominate the platform in the shortest span.

Our Practice for Strong International Exposure

There are certain tricks and techniques one needs to apply for a strong market presence. While local SEO requires a certain degree of methods, to have an international brand build-up, companies need to face many challenges. At Digitex Technologies, we implement practises that includes

  • Optimizing URL structures according to international languages
  • Executing language tags efficiently
  • gTLDs vs ccTLDs for international SEO
  • Multilingual linking strategies
  • Content strategies specific per the targeted country
  • Region-specific SEO (Yandex, Baidu, etc.)
  • Competitor analysis as per the international market

The Right Global SEO For Business Development

In the digital world, it is more than easy to run a business as there is a comprehensive customer baseline. However, if your company plans to bring excellent prominence, it is always best to hire full-time global SEO services. The online world is an open platform, but here you are planning for a worldwide market. Perhaps, there are key players in the market, and competing with them is a big deal. At Digitex Technologies, remote working global SEO expert assists in expanding your reach globally.

Operating outside beyond the home country offer not only many opportunities but also opens a unique trial. Although the language barrier poses one of the challenges, most of the SEO companies lack the experience of dealing with it. Likewise, here are the techniques implemented by us for your business growth.

  • Advanced level Global SEO Plan

Most of the western part, including North America and Europe, covers 70% of Google search. What that means is Google is the key player, and your company needs to have a strong presence here. However, it is very different if you plan to expand in countries like China, Ukraine and Russia. In fact, 52% of searches in Russia is carried on Yandex, while Baidu enjoys 71% of the market. As a result, each of the platforms requires a unique and innovative strategy.

  • Language Issue

Language can be a barrier for budding SEO companies, however, with Digitex Technologies, we include a team of a remote working global SEO expert, and as a result, the barrier ends here. On the other side, the business content needs to be written and publishes on the local site of the country. Moreover, everything needs to be relevantly optimized, and in fact, the SEO needs to be well designed and immaculate, which targets your customers explicitly.

Benefits of Working With Digitex Technologies

Digitex Technologies offers a wide range of benefits when you hire full-time global SEO services. We ensure that there are improved sales, and the conversion rate is substantially high as compared to your competitors. We further ensure that your business has a dominating influence; therefore, our service comes with certain guarantees

  • Boost Sales

Our ultimate goal is to boost sales through comprehensive marketing approach. Digitex Technologies run unparallel marketing policies that will generate prosperous ROI at the shortest span.

  • Market Establishment

In order to furnish business development, one needs to generate trusts amongst the customers. Customers are likely to purchase only if they believe in the brand. The remote working SEO expert will effortlessly develop confidence, thereby helping brand establishment.

  • Influence and Engage Customers

Once there is a business establishment, now is the time to engage the market. Although most of the agencies flood their clients with traffic clicks which only bounces, our remote working SEO experts develop quality multilingual content that engages the customers.

Get your Business to the Ultimate Level with Digitex Technologies

As a leading digital marketing agency based in the UK, we utilize our extensive experience in optimizing the website. Digitex Technologies runs a unique and innovative approach to position your company at the top. Business is successful only if you excel in it and we ensure that you are always ahead in the game. All thanks to our experts who plan and strategize policies for a successful and result-oriented global SEO approach. Global SEO drives businesses to blend technology that eventually saves costs on advertising and marketing.

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