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Hire Full Time Voice Search Optimization Experts (VSO)

With customers preferring for voice search options, more than 50% of the website will conduct a session without a screen in 2021. Therefore, this is the right time to hire a remote working voice search optimization expert if you want to lead ahead.

Voice search is the latest trend in the market. Almost all the leading companies have shifted from the “type and search” to the voice search option. Voice search allows users to seek devices to search their needs efficiently. Here, audio technology uses speech recognition to deliver customers’ requirements. In fact, voice search is not a new aspect, in the past, there were limited devices that could perform the task effortlessly. Digitex Technologies has been working on voice search optimization for a very long time. 

Several programs such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and Microsoft Cortana utilize this capability. Websites and mobile apps need to update their system for a seamless service. You should hire full time voice search engine optimization experts from Digitex Technologies so that your website offers a prolific experience to the audience. Likewise, voice search optimization is a part of SEO but implements a different kind of strategy. Our team includes a remote working voice search optimization expert who focuses on excellent website performance.

Setting the Target

Digitex Technologies has a team of voice search optimization experts who deeply understands its workability. Perhaps, our team has worked for leading companies and have proven their mettle. We are amongst the leading experts in London who can organise your website. Likewise, a recent study conducted by our team showed that more than 40% of adults in the UK depend upon voice search and this figure is increasing exponentially.

If you run a website and it lacks voice search optimization, you really need to work on your website. In fact, there are key voice search SEO strategies to supplement your website readiness. Here we enlist a few of them


  • Precise keyword planning
  • Text to speech orientation
  • Association of rich snippet

When you hire full time voice search optimization expert, he will emphasize improving your website presence in the search engine. In fact, voice search is faster and convenient and it provides accurate results. Therefore, our team ensures that your website offers the right content through absolute planning and management.

Optimizing Technological Aspects

While voice search optimization is slowly growing, it is best to take a smart approach and optimize your website. When you hire a remote working voice search optimization expert, we start working from the local level. In fact, most of your customers who seek voice search will be around your locality. Location-specific optimization informs people about local services. The ‘Near Me’ was the most used voice search in 2019. Additionally, customers often use voice search when driving, searching for a location, or finding answers. On the other side, there is a deep technological process behind that, however. Here is a list of techniques Digitex Technologies implement in order to help your website.

  • Stringent keyword research
  • Development of content and site structure
  • Optimizing structured data
  • Implementing Google Actions and Alexa skills

The search algorithm now specifically focuses on a mobile-first environment. As a result, the trajectory of the current growth will someday only prioritize voice search results. Interestingly, most of the voice search actually come from mobile phones. Future technologies will basically focus on voice command capabilities. Eventually, all the above techniques will be beneficial to your website, and incorporating these options will only capture new voice traffics.

How Remote Working Voice Search Optimization Experts Benefits You?

Digitex technologies is a leading one-stop IT solution agency based in London. When you hire full time voice search optimization expert, we follow our standard procedure. This includes a set of tests that we run on your site. We cover a wide area to implement a swift voice search optimization strategy. Three of the core principles that we inevitably focus on are

  • Informational intent (how-tos)
  • Transactional intent (videos, product information, comparisons)
  • Navigational intent (location, services, press releases)

Once you hire remote working voice optimization expert, we ensure that there is an uptick in your website traffic. Although Google claims that voice search engine does not directly affect the analytics but your website traffic is definitely enhanced. However, Digitex Technologies assist businesses through a thorough optimization process.

Featured Story

One of our newest client Nemesys Infotech Pvt Ltd approached us to hire full time remote working voice optimization experts along with our digital marketing experts in order to make a strong website presence. Initially, the company was reluctant to hire remote working voice search optimization expert yet the team from Nemesys Infotech Pvt Ltd went for probationary service with our company.

Voice search optimization has a huge impact on the local market service. Our experts started working from the ground level in order to drive sales. In the month-end, the company saw a good amount of growth. As of now, Digitex Technologies is the digital partner for the company and we have been implementing promising strategies to garner its growth.

Cost-effective and Result Oriented Service

There are arrays of voice optimization professionals in the market, But, it is always your responsibility to seek the best service. At Digitex Technologies, you get to hire remote working voice optimization experts who have been in the market for a very long time. In fact, here, sound knowledge and experience are the two most deeds but having precise technological knowledge is also needed. Meanwhile, our experts are full time online marketers with specialization in voice search optimization. Few things to know when you go for our service

  • Conversational type developed content
  • Focus on long-tail FAQ type texts
  • Emphasis on snippets
  • Informative at “to the point” content

Sometimes, even with best tricks, optimization takes time. Search engines are machines and you need to be consistent to evolve your digital marketing landscape. Digitex Technologies uses a proven process to establish an ultimate authority in the industry. We offer the best quality service at the most cost-effective price.

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