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The 21st century is all about technology that keeps people connected. Social media is one such area that has helped businesses influence their customers through smart marketing ideas. Companies now hire remote working social media marketing expert who assists these businesses to reach greater heights. You are missing the right source if you are lacking a social media presence.

Our Core Motive

Digitex Technologies is a leading IT agency based in London. With a team of exceptional social media marketers, we aim to deliver prolific customer engagement in order to enhance your business leads. Moreover, when you hire full time social media marketing expert, we ensure that our marketing strategies keep you ahead of your competitors. The end goal of any marketer is to help businesses enhance revenue. In fact, you should also know that over 75% of our customers have increased sales within six months of engagement.

Our team uses various strategies including the tracking and measuring where we work to funnel a progressive marketing approach. This ensures that customers are engaged with your products. As you hire a remote working social media marketing expert, we start building your business profile on all the social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Our full time social media marketing experts assure that your audience engages with your profile. In order to make your business more appealing, we work on basics like i.e. fixing images, representing products, and managing your business portfolios.

How We Help Customers Benefit?

As a leading IT agency based in London, Digitex Technologies ensure that your business offers innovative service. When you hire full time social media expert, our marketers ensure that your social media page is constantly occupied. You should also know that social media pages need to be crisp and evolving. What that means is, to stay ahead, you need to have a greater amount of relevant content. Likewise, once you hire remote working social media marketing experts, they will ensure that your page stays fresh and the content is precise.

If you are one of those business providers who want to encounter quick growth, you really need to hire full time social media marketing expert. Apart from generating leads, we also focus on promotion. One should equally understand the significance of branding. For instance, even if your local coffee shop offers the best quality coffee, people will still fling to Starbucks. This is the reason why branding is needed. However, you should also understand that branding is not a day’s job. One needs to be very consistent. Digitex Technologies has worked with many companies from scratch and helped them brand their company. All thanks to our dedicated team who made such a task possible.

Right Technology for Right Engagement

The world runs on technology and if you don’t hone your technological aspiration, you will lag. Armed with a team of young and motivated social media marketers, we use the latest technology to explore our venture. Perhaps, when in competition, credible tools not only help understand the competitor’s strategies but also gives an upper hand in designing one’s policy. Digitex Technologies utilizes high-end software when working for your company. Moreover, we use several such systems so that we can understand the target audience and estimate the growth time. When you hire a remote working social media marketing expert, we sketch a result-oriented plan and further we work on it. Our strategy includes

  • Outlaying social media plans
  • Targeting sales generation
  • Tracking growth
  • Building credibility
  • Periodic analysis
  • Enhancing engagement
  • Storytelling

Social media is unmatchable when it comes to customer engagement. Under our expertise, we help you reach the top. The core principle here is to offer a perfect engagement. This can be either through individual engagement i.e. valuing a customer’s idea and thought or a mass scale engagements like running a poll or seeking advice thereby motivating clients to buy your products. Social media marketing needs intellectual understanding. It is more a psychological skill and investing in the right skill will pay you in good terms.

Dominant Techniques For Social Media Campaign

Social media is transforming the marketing pattern. Social media marketers use a variety of techniques to offer a professional outlook to your page. Some of the most useful tools that we use at Digitex Technologies includes

Brand Management

This includes creating brands through efficient social media planning like maintaining the Facebook page, running Facebook ads, etc.

Social Media Targeting

Although SEO and email marketing is efficient, attracting newer customers require targeting them through social media pages


The more you engage visitors, the more they are likely to stay with you. It is best to run an organized stream that neither forces them nor bores them.

What You Should Expect From Social Media Marketing?

Social Media needs consistent marketing. In fact, you will be overwhelmed to get numbers of calls and queries once you understand the dimension. However, you should always hire remote working social media marketing experts in order to shape your business’s future. At Digitex Technologies, you should expect a few things once you go for our service. These are

  • Application of advanced technology
  • Out-of-the-box marketing strategies
  • Increase in business revenue

Digitex Technologies delivers a competitive edge by rolling smart social media campaigns. Likewise, social media giants also run a complex algorithm. Yet, our social media marketers ensure that your reaches are not hampered. Additionally, the basic principle here is to offer creativity. This should be in the form of designs, content, and videos. Once you hire full time social media marketing experts, we will capitalize on postings so that your business grabs an exclusive presence. Social media marketing needs to follow conclusive rules and regulations and each social media profile is distinct from others. So, our marketers ensure that we adhere to rules as mentioned. In addition, social media marketers also work with SEO. Remember, social media for business is customer-oriented and is not like personal social media, hiring an expert will only enhance your business.

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