How To Improve Customer Retention By Using CRM: Grow Your Business

Today’s superseded digital world is experiencing tremendous growth. As a result, multiple companies are strengthening the economy, and new competitors are setting their feet into the marketplace.

The ultimate goal is to storm the market, catch the audience’s attention and let the online business grow towards a greater extent.

And in this hypercompetitive business scenario, customer retention plays a crucial role in the company’s growth. Loyal and engaged customers are your brand’s enthusiastic supporter.

Why Is That?

The answer lies in the customer journey itself. Customers purchase your products or opt for the services. Then they review it and suggest them to peers. Your company will be referred to new customers, and it’s a BINGO!

Not only that but also the old customers come back and spend more on further purchases.

That is why customer retention carries supreme significance.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the core of your company’s customer retention strategy. Using CRM software helps a business in multiple ways. It is the primary goal to earn the trust of the customers and CRM will be your key to unlock that door.

Now it’s time to have a glance at how CRM software can assist your business to maintain worthwhile relationships with your customers and how to retain them.

  • Offering Personalised User Experiences

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can automate multiple repetitive tasks, make your teams more acrobatic towards the business goals. But one thing is for sure that AI cannot replace humans.

And above all, it’s not enough to enhance customer retention.

Customers prefer to talk with the people who listen to them with attention, understand them and their issues perfectly, and provide the best constructive solutions. A recent study found that 75% of customers believe that companies worldwide have lost the humanly feeling in customer experience.

That’s where retaining them fails.

One of the effective ways to retain customers is by providing personalised user experiences. Research reports that 84% of customers want to be treated like a human being and not by a number. That’s where CRM tools and CRM system strike.

Primarily, your customers contact you via multiple channels like email, phone, SMS, chat, website and others. They also stay in contact with different departments like marketing, customer support and sales.

CRM system records each touchpoint with the brand and keeps the customer data stored in a central location. And by that, it helps to make detail profiles of each customer and gives access to every department to the exact customer data.

For your instance, it’s highly significant for your marketing team. They can draft the perfect marketing strategy of each customer by mapping out the entire customer journey. They can convert the audience segments into narrow segments and deliver significantly targeted marketed campaigns.

As the predictable outcome, people will prefer the marketing campaigns that are tailored to their demands.

  • Strengthening Customer Support

It is the core business value you must remember that customer support is the cornerstone of your customer retention tactics. With the immense increase of tech enthusiasts these days, today’s customers are more tech-savvy.

When people demand customer support, it will portray your professionalism if you deliver instant service with proper solutions. With the CRM system, you can handle all the customer complaints efficiently by providing relevant and fast solutions.

CRM unites customer support channels like live chat, emails, call centres, social networks. The significant advantage is that you don’t have to use different customer support channels separately. You can have access to all of it by a centralised customer support system.

It doesn’t matter a customer sends the inquiry on which channel, you will get notified of the request via CRM and allocate the specialised customer support agent for that channel accordingly.

And the opposite is also a possibility. You can send automated emails to the customers to inform the latest services of your business.

Using the CRM, you will know customer data of every customer like previous enquiries, services, purchases, preferences, demographic data and others. As a result, customer retention will improve.

Now have a glance at an example. Today, companies are moving to VoIP services from analogue phone systems. Why so? Because the VoIP services are integrated with your CRM system.

Who will get the most prominent advantage? Your customer service team, marketing team and your business.

  • Listening To The Customers

Listening to customers with an extra ear supports the business achieve maximum growth. You need to understand customers’ needs, preferences, and expectations. If you can do that successfully, then you will successfully convert your customers to your brand advocates.

That is why you should always ask feedback to the target audiences and the customers. Take the aid of social media tools to serve that purpose.

Here is a business-centric stats for you – today’s customers are collaborative and talkative. Start asking the right and relevant questions. When they share their data with you, then you will deliver more personalised brand experiences to the customers.

Create polls, surveys and quizzes. You can use SaaS tools for that.

And with the addition of CRM tool, you can pull up the customer satisfaction surveys to a superior level.

For example, you can narrow down the contacts into small segments according to psychographic, demographic and behavioural data.

Pay attention to customer needs, pain points, and expectations.

All the info you collect from feedback goes to the CRM and stay there permanently.

  • Now It’s Your Turn

It’s a hyperconnected world today. Customers’ demands are changing with time.

Cloud apps technology has overgrown in the past few years. Today chat tools, instant messaging, and social networks become customer-centric with the aid of cloud technology. As a result, customers are always expecting a new level of customer experience, not like the traditional ones.

And you need to take it as the first priority – customers today do not want to be treated as just a number on your business book. Your business should communicate with the customers regularly.

Listen to their requirements, make their experiences personalised over all the digital marketing channel, and proffer instant and relevant customer support.

All of it can be done effectively with the help of the CRM system. If you integrate CRM to your business, then all the customer data can be centralised in one specific location.

Above all of that, here comes the most incredible convenience – you can manage all the customer interactions by using a single channel, you will not have to use a plethora of customer support tools.

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