How To Treat Customer Data: Protect It Like It’s Yours To Be Treated

It all started with a story.

A woman bought a great magazine related to science and culture. She enjoyed the magazine pretty well and she subscribed it monthly. Reading that magazine is really a fascinating experience for her. Undoubtedly it was a hit.

Later, few other magazine ads started coming on her mail. Things are changing. Within a few weeks, the other magazine offer mails become a regular visitor to her inbox. She wasn’t bothered at all that time.

Then the mail asking for donations from numerous charitable foundations started arriving on her inbox. Next, the travel agency advertisements showed up on her mail. Finally, she became familiar with receiving political mails.

Now you will realise it’s not just a story, it’s the situation for all the people today.

Why things got worse? It’s because she has activated a digital subscription. However, Google tried it’s best to keep the spamming emails out, but the advertisements and spamming emails keep coming every day. Her mailbox got crowded with unknown ad mails.

How has it happened?

The magazine agency she subscribed for has sold her data to other marketers. In the end, she had no other option; she cancelled the subscription.

Time To Treat Your Customer’s Data Like It’s Your Own

Every customer has different expectations and it’s apparent in the digital world. It entirely depends on you how you should monitor their data by keeping intact the customers’ privacy.

But you have to deliver superior customer experiences by tweaking the data and privacy policy. How can you do it?

Here are the golden rules for you. Follow the conventional methods and become a pro marketer.

  • Ask For The Data, Never Buy It

Here is an amazing stat for you – in the US, digital platforms and related companies invest more than $10 billion yearly on third party customer data.

And here comes the big trouble. Reports say that 65% of customers are uncomfortable at sharing the data with other profit-making firms. The reports are made by Insights Network.

But getting customer insights is an excellent strategy for your business, isn’t it? So, how can you get it? Here is the answer – how about you ask the customers themselves and stay transparent about it!

Snapchat and numerous other companies rely heavily on customer experience. That’s why they partner with agencies like Jebbit to collect the data; it’s known as the declared data. Declared data is the first party information volunteered by consumers about preferences, interests, motivations, and intentions.

It may seem impossible, but companies like Jebbit does it by pointing out digital experiences and conversation with customers. All of it makes the declared data collection scalable.

And a bonus point, the declared data are shared by the customers themselves, so it’s far more accurate than the third party data.

  • Customers Should Get Something In Return

Here comes a million-dollar question – are the customers actually willing to share data online? Of course not, but they will if they get something in exchange. You know what it means! An exchange for business.

“According to a survey and reports made by Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and Acxiom group, 58% of customers become convinced to share their data by checking out case by case whether the data sharing will be worth it or not.”

What do customers want in return? They want personalisation. Reports say that 80% of customers make a purchase from the brands that offer personalised experiences. The report is made by Epsilon. Customers realise that pitched products won’t be of any benefits to them if they don’t tailor to their needs.

Want a great source of inspiration and example? Have a look at Spotify. The widely used music streaming service leverages user data and builds weekly playlists for them.

Not only that, but they generate daily mixes for the users in their prefered music genres. The Release Radar assists the users to find newly launched albums and new releases of their favourite artists.

  • Approve The Consent Before Selling Or Sharing User Data

The law European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is the saviour of customers’ data business tactics. It clearly states that the companies must have consent before selling or sharing the customer data.

The US doesn’t have a complete law like it, but the California Consumer Privacy Act signifies the norms in that direction. The practice is legal in the US, but it’s definitely not a smart business move anywhere in the world.

How to show your customers that you take the customers’ data as an utmost priority? It would help if you did it to safeguard your business for the future. At first, update the customer’s privacy policy where it will be clearly stated that the user’s approval is required before selling or sharing all the customer info.

The best in class digital platforms in the UK and other parts in the world take this business approach seriously that is integrated with the marketing plan.

Without a doubt, the customer experience matters the most for every business. Selling user data is not a smart business tactic. And with time, the risk is high of getting a lousy reputation hampering the complete ORM (Online Reputation Management) experience.

After all, you will never want a paying customer becomes a quitter, just like the woman did in the real story.

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