How Voice Search Optimisation Will Change The Marketing Strategy

Half of all the online search requirements will be voice activated by 2020!

Searching for your need online is just becoming easy and achieving the next convenient level because voice search optimisation is going to take place on a large scale. The technology world is overgrowing and the 21st century is the most advanced form so far.

Users have seen multiple voice search assistants ruling the online world.

  • Google Assistant from Google
  • Alexa from Amazon
  • Siri from Apple
  • Cortana from Microsoft
  • Bixby from Samsung

World’s top-most large companies have already implemented it successfully and they have become a tycoon in this segment.

Why Companies Are Moving Forward To Voice Search Optimisation Services

Want to know why voice search optimisation works the best?

Here take it as a present scenario from the user’s perspective – the search query is always a demand for users because they love to visit the internet. But every time they search for things, users have to type from the keyboard. Now think about if this gets convenient.

You don’t have to use a keyboard for typing, all you have to do is to say on the search tab of the browser for what you are looking for and TADA! All the results will be shown in front of you.

Here is an example – saying “top 10 series to binge watch” is more convenient than typing “top 10 series to binge watch”. It’s comfortable, saves a lot of time, and you can do other things keeping your hands busy. All you need to do is to use your voice.

So, definitely, it’s magical, isn’t it? The audience loves to use the 21st-century magical thing. The demand for voice search optimisation services is really extreme today to make the business more audience-centric. Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby have already shown it.

Amazon has sold more than 100 million Alexa enabled devices and smart speakers, and Google has sold over 50 million Google Assistant-enabled products as well.

Why Voice Search Optimisation Is Significant For SEO

When it comes to achieving traffic to your business, Search Engine Optimisation services (SEO) fulfil the purpose successfully. Users search by proper terms and these are the keywords of SEO. Voice Search Optimisation service (VSO) is nothing but SEO for voice.

It’s been noticed that users don’t type a full sentence; they type specific keywords or shattered phrase on Google and other search engines to perform a traditional search. Now in voice search, users say the complete sentence on smart speakers or smartphones by using the native language. The voice search audience looks for exact answers or information by involving in a conversation.

And it’s the crucial distinction that shows the difference between Voice Search Optimisation and SEO. In VSO, the search occurs conversationally via spoken voice instructions or commands. An AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform is used for processing. Users ask multiple questions to get what they are looking for.

On the other hand, SEO relies on keywords typed on a touchscreen or a keyboard to generate SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) that gives the best match to the query.

So, the voice search always gives more accurate results of what users are looking for rather than the SEO.

Types Of VSOs

Now, there are two types of Voice Search Optimisation services available – Voice Search Optimisation for search engines & Voice Search Optimisation for voice assistants.

For Search Engines

It’s evident that voice search will always give the best results users look for. When people conduct a voice search on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, they look for certain things. For that, the users get involved in a conversation with the AI. When the processing gets completed successfully, it shows exact results to the users.

It has been noticed that when it comes to looking for products or services, users always prefer to get it in the local and neighbourhood areas. That’s why the term “near me” is pretty common in online content.

For Voice Assistants

Voice Search Optimisation for voice assistants is hugely a hot topic today. Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri use robust structured systems to provide accurate results to the users. In case of VSO for search engines, the results are shown and can be viewed on a screen. But in case of VSO for voice assistants, the answers users get come from the voice interaction of the smartphone, smart speaker or other smart devices.

The voice assistants get involved in two-way conversations with the users via voice interactions. It gives more accurate results rather than the search engines.

The Bottom Line

Now, after knowing the details of Voice Search Optimisation services, you find it an excellent invention of the era, right? It can be said without any doubt that the voice search algorithm will change the strategy of Digital Marketing drastically. Google Marketing will set a new way of reaching out to more audience.

As a result, it will increase the audience engagement to your business.

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