Sneak Peek into Mistakes Your SEO Team Is Committing

When it comes to Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page), SEO is the basic factor. SEO comes with many facets. If even one of these is unused or misapplied, it can have a negative impact on your website’s presence online. SEO helps bring the organic search to your website, and that is how digital marketing services make sure that your website never faces the wrath of SEO mistakes.

Stick with us! Here’s what the best digital marketing agency in London emphasize that none should ever commit

Misuse of Alt Text, Meta Title & Descriptions

Alt Text is essential. It provides search engines and screen readers with the text descriptions of each image as featured on a web page. The meta titles and meta description tell the search engines and screen readers what the content consists of.

If any of these is poorly used, Google and visitors will move on to the site that provides crisp information.

What to Do

  • Include relevant keywords within the first few words of text
  • Make alt text on the image clear and concisely describe the image
  • Consider what exactly people are searching
  • Run a meta title and write content based on common search queries

Missing, Spammy Or Broken Links on The Content

These are quite frustrating. In fact, you will lose your site’s credibility if the link takes a user to nowhere. Meanwhile, this negatively affects the SEO and placement of the website in the SERPs.

What to Do

  • Make sure the outbound links lead to quality & relevant content
  • Always link to sources that are reputable, reliable, and ideal with good site-authority
  • High-quality content infused with high-quality outbound link helps Google and visitors confide you

Poor Loading Speed

Society is hyper-connected. We can’t stay without fast and easy access to information. The average internet user expects a web page to open in less than 2 seconds. Therefore, slow load times cause visitors to abandon the site

What to Do

  • Optimize all images on the website
  • Poor quality codes, too many ads, and server related issues do affect the loading speed
  • It’s best to check the website’s current loading speed with the Google Free Speed Insights tool

Missing Web Page

This is also known as the 404 status code if a user is unable to locate the web page as requested. Remember, search engines record data. In fact, this might hurt your website’s ranking in the long-run. Generally, a 404-page error pops out when a page is moved or deleted without redirecting visitors to a new page on the site.

What to Do

  • Periodically check the broken links and 404 on your site
  • Redirect broken URLs or missing pages to new pages

Hyper—Competitive Keywords, Irrevalant Keywords

If you have been working on the SEO for your website, you must have understood the significance of keywords. The ongoing evolution of Google’s algorithm ensures you stay with the best practice when using keywords. Under the usage of keywords or its overuse in an obvious or non-relevant way will take your website nowhere.

Likewise, using hyper-competitiveness will take much time and effort to rank your site.

What to Do

  • Choose keywords for your site wisely
  • If a specific keyword is super competitive, consider long for long tails form
  • Use super relevant keywords
  • Go for 1-3 keywords per page
  • Only Google knows the way to succeed; therefore, it’s all about trial and error

Lack of Quality Content or Duplicate Content

Search engines like Google favours websites that frequently produced fresh, quality content. Consistent updates and activity signal the search engine that your site is current and operational. However, don’t go for a shortcut or perhaps, scraping content from another source. Google may not penalize for thin content, with original content, there’s a good chance a site will get a superior SERP position

What to Do

  • Develop a keyword infused content
  • The addition of keyword-optimized boosts the SERP ranking -adding a blog site is the best to start
  • Aim to put fresh content every week
  • Don’t forget to add meta description to make it more unique

Misuse of Inbound or Outbound Link

Once high-quality online resource links to your content, search engines use these inbound signals and count your content as high-quality too. The more the site collects inbound link, the more the website authority and SERP ranking

What to Do

When running campaigns online, quality matters over quantity! Moreover, forget about shady link building services. Outbound links may not boost your SERP rank. Linking with relevant and informative sites informs Google that the content is excellent and offers useful information.

Mobile Friendliness

Google now penalize website that lacks mobile-friendliness. It negatively affects the website’s positioning in Google’s search result.

What to Do

You should get help from the best digital marketing agency in London. In fact, you may want to go for redesigning your website.

These days, a larger number of people use a smartphone, making your website mobile-friendly. It can generate conversion and the SERP rank.

Domain Things

Having a .uk certainly help your SERPS ranking within the UK. However, it will decrease the website’s visibility when a customer from outside the UK searches for your service.

What to Do

If your business is about marketing products and services globally, we recommend going for a .com domain.


To understand all the shortcomings that your website might be facing, you’ll need to roll down some solutions. We split it into two primary groups

  • Technical

For technical peculiarities, you’ll need an expert developer. You need to ensure that all the functional areas work appropriately.

  • Creative

If the content lacks readability, CTAs, unappealing imagery, then, you’ll need to add more effort to the content. For successful online growth, you need to have clear and delightful content.

Final Wrap If you are not familiar with the intricate working of SEO, hire a team. When you have the best teams for your online business management, nothing can put you down. At Digitex Technologies, we have years of professional understandings and can improve the clients SEO score.

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