Successful Email Marketing Demands End To End Planning

In today’s superseded digital world, Email marketing is carrying a significant role to increase business turnover. The successful campaigns maximise the ROI to a greater extent. It stays around £30 for every £0.75 spent (converted from Dollars).

It requires the best results done on impactful channels.

And here’s what you need to note down – every successful email marketing campaigns with maximised ROI advances with a large “if”.

  • If you have high-quality campaigns
  • If everything goes right in the email
  • If you deliver to the correct segment
  • If all of your marketing campaigns are set up correctly
  • If subscribers can read the emails
  • If the email displays properly in the inbox

Read it till the end to explore how to make your email marketing campaigns touch the rope of success.

Minimise All The Mistakes

Once the email is sent, you can’t get it back. So, you need to minimise all the mistakes and make it “0” to create your brand value stays high. It impacts a lot to the end-users.

It requires a great effort and investment to set up the email marketing campaigns. Like how much endeavour has given by the sales, marketing, legal, product and support team. And all the money goes into vain as well.

But mistakes happen and it is preventable. You can stop all of these with thorough planning. So, the prime focus should be on making the mistakes less or zero.

Pre-Send Strategy

You must be strategic to all your email marketing programs as a whole. The email marketers need to plan the campaigns by thinking ahead of time. With high-expertise, email programs and individual email sends can become successful.

Ask these questions and get the answers.

  • How will you measure the success of the email marketing campaign?
  • What is the purpose of the campaign?
  • How are you getting prepared for it?
  • You are sending the email to whom?
  • Who are your potential targets?

Getting the answers will lead you to find the right direction of the marketing campaign. Make sure to share documents with multiple team members.

Pre-Deployment Research

It’s not possible without trusting your team. You need to prepare a thorough checklist and manage all the ticks with your team. Campaign pre-check or manual checklists like an excel spreadsheet or a PDF will suffice.

Here are the facets you need to double check –

  1. Content
  • Who Is The Sender – You should test who is the sender of the email if it is coming from a company or a person.
  • Subject Line – Check the subject line and examine if it will catch the audience attention or not.
  • Preheader Text – If you want to improve the clicks, then this is the area that requires your greatest attention to enhance the email.
  • Accessibility – You need to check contrast ratios and colour variant to make the emails accessible.
  • Links – Check if the links work or not. You also need to check – are the links going where it supposed to go? Are the links getting tracked?
  • All Errors – As you are checking the email content, so it’s mandatory to send emails without grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Images – If the images don’t load then can the emails be understood? And if it’s a “no”, then you should add alt text and text-based content.
  • Deliverability

Before the final email campaign deployment, your focus should be entirely on deliverability. You have checked all the parameters and it seems that you have set up a perfect email marketing campaign.

But it won’t matter if the email doesn’t reach out to the inbox. How to prevent it? Run your email on spam testing before you hit the send button.

Another tip, try to add a minimum of 500 characters to your email and it will not look like spam. Eventually, it will pass all the filter tests.

You will get a fair idea of the email deliverability and how it looks.

  • Renderability

Fun fact, you never know when your subscribers will react to your email. And if your subscribers don’t respond to the emails then maybe your email is having a rendering issue. It can damage the entire email.

Examine the following to prevent rendering issues –

  • Template – Check if the email template renders correctly in the inbox or not.
  • Email Content – Changing email content like copy, images, links can break the template. So, always check the email multiple times.
  • Dynamic Content – You need to govern how to testify your email dynamic content. It’s a little tricky. Check what portions of the email are good; how do you recognise specific variants and individual segments.

Post-Send Planning

Many pre-planning strategies will decide the future of the email post-send. The landing page where you will be driving traffic should be accessible. It will make your emails accessible and optimise the email marketing campaign.

Otherwise, you may get a bad customer experience or misalignment issues.

Also, keep in mind that many or a few people will open the email after days or weeks later. Check how many things will modify post-send, and if the images and links will work for them or not.

The Bottom Line

The email marketers deserve the honour. In the world of high stakes and moving parts, it’s an incredibly tough job.

Focus on –

  • Planning ahead
  • Robust deployment process
  • Ensure the brand experience is positive
  • Maintain professionalism from start to finish

If all of these factors followed appropriately, then you’ll get the most and best results out of your email marketing campaign.

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