Tap Into The Gen X Crowd With The Help Of An Online Marketing Company

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve requires understanding and engaging with different consumer groups. One such crowd that often slips under the radar but possesses great buying potential is Generation X (Gen X). As London’s leading online marketing company, at Digitex Technologies, we believe that tapping into the Gen X crowd is not just advantageous but crucial to developing a robust marketing strategy. That is why we’re here to help you understand what makes Gen X unique and provide practical tips on tailoring your marketing approach to make the most of their potential.

Who Is Gen X?

Gen X, often called the “Forgotten Generation,” covers those born between 1965 and 1980, currently aged between 43 and 58. Wedged between the baby boomers and millennials/Gen Z, Gen X stands out for their financial stability, established careers, families, and tangible assets such as homes and cars. According to GWI’s Q3 2022 survey, they predominantly fall into the high and medium-income groups, with a significant portion being married homeowners. This establishes Gen X as a group with major purchasing power, making them a crucial demographic to consider while developing any marketing strategy, any decent online marketing company in London would say the same (we hope)!

Exploring Gen X Characteristics:

1. Financial Sceptics

The road ahead seems a bit unclear for Gen X, and their cautious approach is strongly connected to their age and worries about money. As they get closer to retirement, the concerns about the economy and their personal finances become more prominent and the recent economic struggles have only made these worries more intense, causing a noticeable increase in pessimism since 2021. Despite facing these challenges, Generation X still believes in their ability to look after themselves for quite a while. In fact, a solid 70% of them think they could depend on their savings for three months or even longer.

2. Brand Loyalists

Gen X’s commitment to brands they trust is a goldmine for marketers. A study by eMarketer reveals that approximately 70% of people in the US and 30% in other English-speaking countries are keen on sticking to brands they trust. This loyalty goes beyond just liking a brand and extends to actively participating in loyalty programmes. Nearly 89% of them join these programmes to save a bit of cash, and 71% do it for the thrill of getting rewards.

3. Socially Concerned

Brands that share Gen X’s values on crucial matters like climate change, racial justice, and income inequality are likely to win their approval. According to our online marketing company, being real is crucial for this generation, with 85% seeking genuine connections from brands, making it an essential element to consider in any marketing strategy.

4. Digitally Inclined

Even though they didn’t grow up in the digital era, Gen X has been getting into technology bit by bit. While Facebook remains their go-to platform, short videos on platforms like TikTok are also catching their interest gradually. As a leading online marketing company, we truly believe it is vital that marketers utilise this tech-savvy attitude of Gen X to connect with them through interesting and useful visual stories.

An Online Marketing Company Master Guide For Tapping Into Gen X Potential:

1. Show Product Value

What makes Gen X stand out is their rock-solid loyalty to the brands they love. It’s not just a fleeting liking, but a genuine commitment that comes from a brand giving them real value. When Gen X discovers a brand that matches their standards for quality and affordability, they tend to stick with it. This loyalty, built on recognising genuine value, becomes a fundamental factor in their shopping choices.

Thus, to win over the hearts of Gen X, consider offering personalised loyalty programmes that cater to their preferences. Try to build a solid bond with them by offering exclusive discounts, cashback, or free products tied to their specific needs. Any goodonline marketing companywill also suggest conducting customer surveys as a smart strategy that you can incorporate into your marketing campaigns to make them feel like you care about their opinion.

2. Embrace Authenticity

This bunch really cares about keeping it real. They’re quite tuned in to whether brands are walking the talk or just faking it. So, if you’re into marketing, make sure authenticity is right up there in your plan. They’re not too keen on fancy marketing gimmicks and prefer the real deal. Being genuine is the secret sauce to getting through to them, as they’re not easily swayed by anything that feels a bit fake or forced. In short, be true and honest about your products if you wish to grab their attention and trust.

According to our online marketing company, the best way to showcase your brand’s authenticity to Gen X is by getting your customers involved in your marketing game. Ask your consumers to share their thoughts on your products or services. It could be anything from reviews and photos to videos. Remember, it’s all about promoting your product with a bit of social proof. You can also team up with influencers who share their values and experiences to promote your product and create a genuine and relatable connection with Generation X.

3. Get Social With Them

Gen X is digitally savvy and loves shopping online. Even though Facebook is their favourite place to hang out, our online marketing company suggests exploring other platforms as well. TikTok is catching their eye these days, and it’s becoming quite the hit. So, take advantage of that and make contents that bring back the good old days with a bit of humour—they love that. You can also team up with influencers around their age on Instagram and create posts that speak directly to them, keeping it real and relatable. Additionally, consider running targeted campaigns that tap into the shared experiences of Gen X, creating a sense of community and connection.

4. Don’t Neglect Traditional Media

Despite their digital prowess, Gen X maintains a connection with traditional media. Therefore, our online marketing company experts suggest taking a strategic marketing approach that seamlessly blends both modern and traditional elements. For instance: you can launch a compelling campaign on social media that seamlessly extends its reach beyond the digital sphere with billboards strategically positioned at tube stations, outdoor locales, and busy retail shops. You can also diversify your traditional media approach by exploring partnerships with popular TV shows, radio programmes, or print publications that resonate with Gen X. This could involve sponsoring segments or featuring editorial content that aligns with their interests. By maintaining a consistent brand message across digital and traditional channels, you can reinforce the trust and familiarity Gen X seeks in brands.


As a seasoned online marketing company in London, here at Digitex, we understand that tapping into the potential of Gen X is not just an opportunity but a strategic move that can make or break your marketing campaign. Tailoring your marketing strategies to align with their values, financial concerns, and preferences is crucial if you wish to build a meaningful connection with this bunch. Embrace authenticity, leverage their loyalty to trusted brands, and engage them across a variety of channels for a well-rounded marketing approach. When you tap into the Gen X market just right, your brand can open up new opportunities and build solid relationships with this influential group of consumers, setting you up for success in the ever-changing world of online marketing.

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