Top 5 Easy Steps Of How To Make A Facebook Cover Video

“Can I put a video as a page cover on Facebook?”

The answer is a big “yes”. Facebook has already confirmed the availability option to add a cover video to all the pages. The cover videos will be public. It indicates that any individual who is visiting your page will be able to check out the video.

Now, what benefits you can achieve for your business with it?

You know what, it’s the unlimited opportunities for your or any business.

  • You can portray your product to the audience
  • You can focus on your brand’s word and spread the message
  • You can promote a significant event

You can perform all these business-centric operations at your Facebook page frontline.

Get Started With Cover Videos: Guidelines

Before you initiate the video-making process, you need to be aware of all the updated norms of Facebook page cover video.

  • The video should be a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels. Here is a suggestion – choose 820 x 462 pixels for best results.
  • The video duration must be between 20 to 90 seconds.
  • You need to be careful about copyrights. The video must not be misleading or deceptive.
  • Using arrows is available to scroll through a maximum of 10 thumbnail options of the cover video.

That’s all about it.

Now it’s time to explore the 5 easy steps of making the video.

How To Create A Facebook Cover Page Video

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro video maker or not – all you need to do is to develop the perfect business-focused video to display your message to the audience.

Follow the steps.

Step 1: Set The “Facebook Cover” Format

You need to choose the format along with the perfect ratio for the video.

There are two innovative ways exist.

  1. You can customise one of the pre-designed saved video templates. For your best convenience, you will find a library section like “Templates Library Page”. Then select the template created by your design team. Always check out the popular aspect ratio filter on the left for the best fit of your Facebook cover.
  • You can create your cover according to your perspective from Scratch. There will be a blank space where you can put and add all your creativity.

Step 2: Pick A Video Or Picture To Turn It Into Video Cover

You need to showcase the purpose of your cover video to a vast audience. That’s why your ultimate concentration requires to select the right video that would fulfil the purpose of your cover video.

  • If the purpose is to build and create brand awareness, then opt for something everlasting, like displaying windows of what your company performs.
  • If you aim to promote an event, then changing the video cover very often would serve the perfect sense.

You can upload your personal media files or pick one from the stock built-in library. The working principle on pictures and videos can be same, i.e. you can move and select the video portion over for zoom in and out, and the perfect shot.

Step 3: Adding Suitable Text On The Cover Video

Adding text to your Facebook cover video is not mandatory but definitely effective marketing strategy. You should always focus on getting the audience’s attention. Only then you will drive traffic to your business.

Placing the text on the centre of the video clip looks professional, user-friendly and attractive. You will be able to catch the attention of the audience successfully. Make your marketing strategy goes right with videos.

Step 4: Images & Video Clips Combination

You can add on more than one clip to your video story. It clearly refers that you can make a whole new video with multiple images and video clips.

It is especially beneficial if you –

  • Want to manifest a vast collection
  • Are making slideshows for a page
  • Want to exhibit your product from different points and perspectives

Add one more clip to the video, edit it like the first one. You will not require to change the limit to “Facebook cover”.

Step 5: Download & Share Multiple

Now it’s time to publish the new video you have created. You have already done it by taking care of all the facets of business and Social Media Marketing purpose.

  • Head over to the “Publish” section to download your mind-blowing video.
  • After that, go to your Facebook page.
  • Click the “Change cover” toggle. You will find it on the cover.
  • Now select the option “Upload photo/video”.
  • Select the files from your device.
  • Wait with patience because it takes some time to upload and encode the video. So hold close!

As you know the video must be of at least 20 seconds long. Now download the video, share it on multiple channels and utilise the maximum of Social Media Marketing.

The Bottom Line

Creating a video is not that tough. But to make the video entirely business-centric then yes, it requires the professional touch. You will know all of the insights of the marketplace via Facebook, but the competition is too high.

So, it’s invariably a wise idea to take the guidance of experts to stay on top.

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