Top 7 Ways To Increase The Loading Speed Of Your Website

Scene 1 – You have a fantastic website with all the information. It just takes a few extra seconds to load.

Scene 2 – Your website is not that extraordinary; it’s just an ordinary one but the website loads really fast.

Now you compare the two very real-life online scenario. What do you think which scene is way more audience-focused?

Scene 2 is the clear winner. Please remember that the two situations are pretty normal in today’s digital world. When online audience or the visitors see your website is loading slowly then obviously they will close it and visit another website that is taking only a few seconds to load.

It’s a competitive Digital Marketing world where every second matter.

So, as the website owner, your prime concern is to attract more visitors and make them happy. Website loading speed plays a significant role here. This reason is enough to conclude why the top websites load at lightning speed.

Having a fast website improves CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). Any delay or interruptions during surfing, checking out, payment process diverts the minds of the customers. And it is one of the gigantic reasons behind numerous abandoned carts of e-commerce sites.

Pro Tips To Increase The Site Loading Speed To Lightning Speed

If you are into a confusion why your website loads slowly then you need to be aware of the unknown reasons. What’s more? You must find the solutions first. You have checked all the parameters and see there is no flaw.

Then what is it that hampering the website loading speed?

The wise idea is to find the solutions. Follow the effective pro tips and make the best of your website.

  1. Minimalise The Coding

When you are developing the website, the prime focus must be on not to increase the volume on a large scale. As the volume increases, the requirements increase too and it results in slow loading to the website. Remove the unnecessary codes, additional formatting and extra whitespace. It does no good rather than increasing the volume.

Removing these extra burden reduces the volume and maximises the site loading speed. The process is commonly known as code minifying.

  • Asynchronous Loading

When a visitor explores the webpage and opens it, then the browser loads different files. This file loading happens synchronously, i.e., one required file loads at a single time. The other files stay in a queue and wait until the previous individual file loads entirely. It is the one by one file loading model. It increases the website loading speed.

And here is the twist – you can even increase the loading speed further. What’s the magic formula? It’s called asynchronous loading. In asynchronous loading, multiple files load simultaneously at a single time. As a result, it speeds up the loading process of the site and makes the website blazing fast.

WP Rocket is a useful tool for websites to maximise the loading speed.

  • Monitor TTFB

Time To The First Byte or TTFB refers the time it usually takes by the first byte to finish the distance between the data centre and the server. In easier words, the TTFB decides the time from which the loading initiates. Reducing TTFB can decrease the latency resulting in fast loading of the site.

If you want to test TTFB, then you can use the Webpage Test Tool. If the TTFB is 200ms or more, then you must focus on performing immediate action to reduce it.

  • Enable Caching

If you want to increase the number of repeated visits on your website and transform the first time visitors to the regular audience, then you must focus on delivering a superior experience on the subsequent visits. And for this instance, you need to enable caching. It offers faster loading speed to the repeated visitors.

When you request for a webpage, the browser performs multiple tough and tedious calculations to retrieve the info. Then it displays the page. If caching is enabled, then the final outcome will be in the memory of the browser. It saves the browser’s time from making complex calculations on the requests.

As a result, the webpage loads much faster.

  • Suitable Web Hosting Plan

Your selected hosting plan and the service provider plays a vital role in determining the website loading speed. Make sure the hosting service provider should offer all the required web resources to ensure the fast speed of the website. It must meet all the present speed requirements.

Shared hosting may be perfect for newcomers and websites with low traffic. But if your website is growing and achieving traffic, then shared hosting reduces the loading speed. For that, you need to upgrade your subscription plan.

Take into account to buy VPS, dedicated or cloud hosting plan. All these three plans together meet the speed requirements and offer fast loading speed, even in situations like traffic spikes. VPS works just fine for the websites with high traffic. If your site is experiencing tremendous traffic, then dedicated server is your best option.

  • Compress Large Files

If you want to reduce the site loading time and boost the website speed, then you should focus on compressing the massive files. The compressing process cuts down the size of each file without downgrading the look, feel and functionality of your site.

The GIDNetwork tool shows you an estimate of the loading speed after compressing of the files is completed. If you think that it’s increasing the site loading speed significantly then start compressing the files now.

GZip is one of the best tools to compress all your website files quickly.

  • Cut Down The Size Of Large Images

If your website has large images, then it is undoubtedly a big reason why your site loads slowly. That is why you need to reduce the size of the large files. You can compress them, and it’s not a difficult process.

WP Smush is a popular WordPress plugin that compresses the images easily and increases the website loading speed.

Fast loading speed offers excellent user-experience and encourages visitors to interconnect with your site. It increases the CRO, CTR (Click-Through Rate), SEO compatibility strength. In precise, fast website loading speed allows you to achieve all of your ambitious digital business goals with higher certainty.

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