Top 8 Ways To Overcome COVID-19 Crisis And Remain Competitive In Online Business

Top 8 Ways To Overcome COVID-19 Crisis And Remain Competitive In Online Business

When there is a pandemic happens, it can be said without any doubt that it delivers the deepest damage to the economy.

The extend of the crisis is vast and catastrophic. Business world faces the highest injury.

In this time, many businesses (small, medium or large) go Red and ends up being out of business. The payback doesn’t happen on time. The government recovery support doesn’t come on time either.

COVID-19 has ripped the business world apart from the roots.

But fortunately, there is a lucky side exists. It’s the bright side and an ample opportunity for all the businesses.

In today’s technology overgrowing world, you can save your business by moving it online. People prefer this option at its largest capacity. Hitting the right online channels can be a solution to make your business profitable.

Here are the top 8 ways explained how to overcome the COVID-19 crisis situation and save your business.

Way 1. Go Online

The first rule of succeeding the epidemic situation is to make your offline business go online. You will get a fantastic business website. You will opt for effective digital marketing services like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Social media, ORM, content marketing and more.

And all of this will bring success and profit to your business with a large customer base.

Way 2: Sanitise Everything

The real story of online or E-commerce business starts from here.

You should sanitise every corner. This is the first focus that needs your extra attention. Inventories, warehouses, shipment centres – every place of your business should be well-sanitised.

Sanitisation is a top priority, especially the businesses who are experts in the E-commerce sector.

Have a glance at a few sanitary precautions –

  • Regular screening to all personnel (mostly people of the warehouse)
  • The warehouse should be frequently sanitised
  • The practice of social distancing is mandatory
  • You can limit the number of working
  • Implement grave caution on entry and exit points
  • Availability of emergency phone line to contact hospital or police
  • Maintain a list or register all the visitors

Way 3: Contactless Delivery

If you deliver services to businesses and companies, then it is not a factor to worry.

But if you are into providing products, then you should take contactless delivery as a top priority. During the time of delivery, customers can ask the delivery partners to put the order in a certain place or in a secure location from where the former will collect it.

It is especially effective as WHO has already passed the practice. It will protect the delivery partner and the end customer as well.

Way 4: Provide Precautious Training

In this time of the epidemic, it is utterly essential that your people should know all the safety measurements.

In fact, training should be provided if necessary. Delivery partners and courier person can practice of how to wash hands properly, rules of wearing masks, maintaining adequate distance to each other, how to maintain a safe distance from infected surfaces, how to deliver via contactless delivery.

And if it’s not possible to deliver training then provide a handbook to everyone where all precautions will be mentioned.

Way 5: Cover The Health Of Your Employee

Ignorance can bring damage and further catastrophe to your business.

It’s always advised not to underestimate the contributions of your workers during this difficult time. Make sure to check your employee’s health, their family’s health, their extra efforts, their incentives, health insurances.

It requires a high level of attention to make sure all of your people are safe.

Way 6: Collaborate With Shipping Aggregators

Working with shipping aggregators in this COVID-19 crisis can benefit your business. First, you can perform all the operations by maintaining safety precautions.

The shipping aggregators will cut down the workload of your business’s internal team. As a result, the hygienic method will be executed end-to-end.

Way 7: Customer Support Availability 24*7

It’s the world of panic and chaos today. Before opting for your product, the customer will always have considerable doubts.

So, make sure your business has robust customer support available 24*7 a day. It is evident that customers will ask multiple questions. It is the duty of your team to clarify things appropriately to the customers.

Way 8: Transparency Is Compulsory Today

Finally, you need to maintain transparency with the customers. You can display all of your precautionary agendas during the time of crisis.

Tracking facility can prove beneficial of earning the trust of the customers. Live tracking status reduces confusion.

It will help if you make sure that the customers are informed for every process like order confirmation, delivery status, merchant details, refund status and all.

The Bottom Line

No one knows when the crisis will be over. It’s quite heartwarming that people all over the world are fighting the pandemic together. Undoubtedly, the killing of the epidemic has hampered quite a lot so far.

On the other hand, opportunities become open online. If you are a business mastermind, then you will know how to take out the maximum advantage of this situation. It will make you an opportunist as well.

Follow every rigid guideline and secure all the touchpoints so that the pandemic doesn’t outbreak.

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